How to fix a Logitech M505 mouse that stops working (unifying adapter)


Logitech M505 wireless mouse with Unifying AdapterQ: Help, my Logitech M505 Mouse stopped working. I’ve changed the batteries but can’t get the mouse to work.

A: Often times wirless mice have a button to reset, this one does not.

Here’s how I solved the problem:

Take a pair of┬ápliers, crimp the end of a Q-tip flat for about 1/2″.

Put the q-tip into the USB Unifying adapter and push it in and out along the contacts (there are 4)

This will clean any debris off of the contacts and allow them to work.

(in this case they could use it on their desktop, but not their laptop)


This trick will work to fix some flash drives that you can’t retrieve data from (anything that keeps the USB from communicating with the port on the computer, dirt grime, oxidation etc)


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