How to repair a bad power jack on a Dell Inspiron 5150/1100 series laptop for under $20.00

Now the New connector is in and ready to use. Run the slideshow in reverse to put the computer back together again.

Dell Inspiron Power Jack

If your dell laptop will not charge without wiggling the cord around, Here’s how to do the fix yourself:

Dell 5150/1100 series Slideshow

Other dell inspiron laptops are similar to the Instructions above

Parts: Dell Inspiron power jack Fix Kit & Instructions NR

Generic instructions:

  1. Remove power and battery
  2. Remove power on button strip
  3. Remove Keyboard
  4. Remove LCD Cable from video card
  5. Remove Wireless minicoax cables from the wireless card
  6. Remove the screen from the laptop body
  7. Flip the laptop
  8. Remove screws from the panels and remove cards and ram
  9. Remove case screws and keep track of them.
  10. Remove cd-rom and hard disk
  11. flip laptop and remove any other screws holding the case together.
  12. pop the shell apart, remove the bays that interfere with the removal of the motherboard
  13. remove the VGA standoffs
  14. remove the video card and processor fans
  15. remove the motherboard from the case.
  16. Prep and use desolder wick to remove old component and clean up the thru holes.
  17. put the new component into the board ( be certain you put it on the correct side of the board)
  18. Flip the board and solder the component in, be sure to flow solder evenly on each leg.
  19. allow all to cool and reassemble by reversing the steps above to rebuild the laptop.
  20. Plug the unit into the wall and see if it will charge the battery/start the computer without the battery in.

Enjoy the repaired computer.

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